Being that nosy and pesky journalist, I try to know a bit of anything and everything. If that upsets you, I don’t mind. If you want to share in that experience with me, or think it could be fun – you are most welcome to be part of the ride!

2 responses to “About

  • Ankita

    Lovely Blog :).. Liked the Pics too.. Your style of writing is amazing and kept me glued to the posts !!


  • Pramod


    I am writing after coming upon your post ‘Walking down the aisle, literally’. I found it very thoughtful and an interesting read, so much that I’d like to ask: Would you be interested in writing the occasional guest column for us?

    By us, I mean Jodi365.com, a new relationship building site that we just launched, catering especially to educated, quality singles. We are introducing the “Jodi365 Journal” as an additional way to engage our users, through interesting and helpful discussions on various aspects of life. For recent entries, albeit in the preliminary layout, please see Jodi365.com/blog.

    If the possibilities interest or intrigue you, I would love to discuss them in depth. Please write at your convenience.


    Pramod Prasad


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