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God is a Gamer – Review


I’ve mostly confined my so-called book reviews to Goodreads till now. But henceforth, some or a lot of that wisdom shall be spouted on my otherwise mixed topic blog as well! So, I start off with God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian. I’ve come across a number of previous titles by the author but managed to read one finally this time! Given his background in finance and management, it is only apt Subramanian’s books deal with the same. Having said that, it also helps that my day job also involves things to do with finance. Hence, I could surely relate a lot to the book. And the premise of bitcoin-based fiction is definitely exciting. But, the book somehow loses grip while building up the suspense, or maybe does not try to build it. Either way, that was maybe the only disappointing part about the story I think. Otherwise, this is truly unputdownable fiction. The characters are slick and true reflections of things that are 21st century. Like a thoroughly action-packed read, Subramanian manages to squeeze in the best of locations and settings for the novel. And maybe that tends to undo it at times, as mentioned earlier, as one progresses towards the so-called climax or suspense. Because, I do not want to know all the time what the most eligible bachelor in town is wearing, or maybe Tony sounds more like a Goan cook than a Federal agent. Still, a very interesting plot development and outlining of the key characters.

Definitely recommended if you’re looking for current affairs based fiction with the twists and turns. Rating? Maybe a 3.5 on 5.

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How to be an Indian hunk within Rs 500

Still waiting for that college PYT to for the movie show? Or, haven’t mustered enough courage to even say hi to the office chick? And the that ‘hunk’ stealing all your would-be thunder right under your nose? Well, is it because he is the resident room freshener, drives that SUV and has a swagger that will put even George Clooney to shame? Well, you have not lost your chances yet. Here’s a quick guide to how you can be an Indian with your pocket being pinched for less than Rs 500:

1. Axe/Set Wet Deoderant: topmost on the list because this will have women/girls/ladies of all shapes and sizes running towards you – Rs 160

2. Emami Fair & Handsome – all the ‘cute’ ones will treat you like their male alter ego – Rs 5 (chhota pack)

3. Dollar Club underwear you can fight the bad guys even with your eyes closed – Rs 150

4. Close-up toothpaste – you can keep laughing with your lady without embarrassment – Rs 50

5. Start motivating yourself by calling yourself on the phone – does not require money but some imagination – and say this to yourself at least a dozen times – “I’m not a loser”

6. With the change, treat your lady to streetfood and sit together on the river/seafront – this is a tried and tested formula

I added the last point since it’s not so bad to have that experience after all, even if your means to that end differ.

(Prices are as accurate as possible)