Open Letter to Online Crush

Hey there

So here it is – an open letter to you! Don’t worry – I’m not going to load this with sappy stuff with barrels full. Neither will I make it something like “hey listen, I don’t like messing around ok”. Let’s strike a balance here, what say? Some of the old-fashioned stuff, and some of the neat modern practicalities. Let’s take a walk, by the sea, amidst traffic, in the chaos or out of it. Let’s talk about things – over a cup of coffee. And make this about there’s no tomorrow, or maybe there is. But let’s not put too much thought into it. Let’s make this about what I (and maybe you) feel it should be about – the Present.

I can only see you in the virtual world yet. I haven’t met you in reality. Don’t know if I ever will. But if I do, maybe there will be some scope to do the things mentioned above! Who knows, really, who knows? I have some ideas about who you are, and if you are still waiting for your perfect one or have found him already. But I do know that it’s difficult not to smile when I see you tweet to me. Sometimes, you’re silly. At other times, soothingly intelligent. But most or all of the times – the harbinger of good vibes (as I see it). Is it about your display picture? Why not? Why shouldn’t it be? But do you know, that having had some experience behind the lens, I do know which smiles are fake, and which frowns are real. But, it’s not just about your picture, is it? You may disagree, and so will the world. Should it matter? All I know is that I have a crush on you, the good old-fashioned thing like a schoolboy, even at this age, yes. Though that does not mean in the least that I giggle like a schoolboy simply because you happen to be of the opposite sex. [Digressing: a lot of so-called men in this country think like schoolboys, and end up doing up all sorts of things to women, I guess] And as I’m writing this, I see you tweeting about how beat you are, and me not reaching out to your mentions tab. Scared. Being an idiot. Right, no better than a schoolboy, am I? Despite that, we discuss little things on the timeline, share little joys and just generally feel good about each other. I like that.

Having said all that, there’s this ‘extreme and irrevocable’ (a phrase used frequently in a book by one of my favourite authors – Murakami) ‘goodness’ (excuse this murder of English) I feel for you. It cannot be as deep as love, nor can it be as fleeting as an infatuation (I do like to believe a crush is some notches above it). Or maybe there is no way to describe what I feel.Β 

But I can very clearly say this: thank you. Thank you very much for waving out to me and wishing me a hello in the crowd of curses that inhabit social networking. Even if all this is virtual, thank you for doing all this – making me feel good about myself and letting me get back on my feet and hop around (as left footed as I may be). You’re awesome, from whatever I know of you and may you continue to be so. I wish that sincerely for you.





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