Sorry, I can’t relate to your ‘issues’

So, over the last several days, there have been some columns on the issue of trolls and such things on Twitter. And this issue has got some balanced responses indeed. This morning, I came across another column on the issue of Twitter fights. Though it is not new for such issues to be discussed in the media, given the fact that Twitter has been around for a while. But, what I find most amusing is the esoteric level of these columns, more particularly the second one. In fact, I was not so pleasantly surprised by the content of such columns, because I really could not relate to them. To put it more crudely, would you rather care for a squabble that’s going on in your next apartment or on the street where your house is situated, instead of people taking it out on each other in another universe probably? Don’t interpret this as my cry for ‘shun the virtual world and focus on the real one’. I’m as much addicted to the virtual world as you are, or probably more.

What I feel is – in a country with teeming billions, where we need television to tell us every Sunday about the horrors that eat the masses, quite literally, I wonder how quarrels relating to heads of state and their soiled linen seems to gain more visibility than the fact that daily existence itself seems to be a struggle. And even when the discussion zeroes down to the country – what is it that we are shouting ourselves hoarse about? Why the ‘happening’ people in a certain city have the right to party till whenever they want, and/or wherever they want. And so we have some conscientious people from the same city trying to raise their voices above the crowd – saying that is not the real issue. And then there is counter jab to this counter jab – “it’s not just about the parties folks, it’s about the excessive use”. Ok. I just a circle being completed. And I hope you did too. 

It’s just like the psyche of watching movies – you want to see what you don’t see in your real life. This is not to take away the brilliance of some filmmakers who have had the courage to stay away from candy floss. But, you want to run away because there is only so much crap you can take in a day, or a week, or a month. Fair enough. But, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Expand your avenues of entertainment and you see the paradox. You pay and enter glossy places to laugh at yourselves and balance it out with a few drinks. Sorrow sells my friend. And there may not be anything wrong in that. Really. But then, it ends there.

Twitter and Facebook are open forums indeed. But, is it too open because our real world is too closed for our own good. Are our smartphones and other gadgets mere appendages for us to have fun for some time and become harmless drones again? Maybe that is beyond the scope of discussion of this blogpost. But, as we are told in serious expressions by our parents and elders from time to time – “focus on the long term”. Well, life is too short, as you and me would like to think. But, are we making it shorter by getting lost in some banalities? Whatever be the shape and outlook of the path you’ve chosen to tread, does it help to take too many distractions?

There has been so much talk of an Arab Spring, and the subsequent disappointment. Hence proving, that all this has only remained talk and nothing much beyond. No, this does not equate to me telling you to stop whatever you are doing and jump on the streets with a placard immediately. You and me need to talk indeed. But, I’m just concerned about what is that we’re talking about, rather than when and where we are talking. Have your distractions, enjoy, gossip about random affairs etc. But, have some more focus on what actually affects you, because I guess that could make your daily affairs somewhat less of a monotony and somewhat more of a party, yes?


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